5 Reasons Y Picking Images Can Be Easy

When it comes to choosing images for social media, blogging, web development, or other branded media, figuring out what images mirror branding and content can be challenging.

Not mention businesses don’t always have the time or means to go out and take professional-level pictures every time they’re needed.

So how do you pick creative commons images?

We’ve got 5 tips for you on how to choose pictures for your website (and other media):


  1. Start With A Plan

You can’t always find the exact image you’re picturing in your head – but you can go in with a game plan.

Think of why you need an image and what purpose it is meant to serve: to demonstrate, to be emotional, to inspire.

Also think about the layout. Would a specific structure of a photo serve your media? A lighter background, more empty space, or close up?


  1. Quality Counts

There are so many free images online, however some are of a higher resolution than others.

Images with high resolution allow a lot more options in respect to sizing, cropping, and other manipulation techniques.

As well, an image with higher resolutions simply looks more legitimate. When you use low-quality images, it looks unprofessional – not what you want.


  1. Emotional Matters

A picture is worth a thousand words, no?

We use images to supplement our content, and convey what our words can’t – we draw our viewers in with pictures that tell more story and connect in ways that content can’t. When the two work hand-in-hand? Magic.


  1. Pictures with People

Images that portray people are particularly engaging. That’s because we relate to other people.

The imparting of happy emotion from a person smiling, versus a picture of an object that conveys happiness, is enormous. Seeing another person helps your target audience connect with your brand and brand values.


  1. Edit Images

Another tool that engages your audience is consistency of brand. Along with the usage of creative commons photos comes the ability to manipulate them according to your needs.

Whether a specific filter needs to be added for blog header images, or colours need to be altered to match your branding, with a strong graphic designer pretty much anything is possible.



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