5 Reasons Y Our Office Humour is a Positive

We have a lot of fun at Y5. Not too much fun, of course, we do have work to do after all. Truthfully though, we are a bunch of people who love to laugh and share a smile.

We like to think of our combined bright disposition as a positive attribute.


Here are 5 Reasons Why Y5’s Office humor works (pun intended):


  1. Busting a Gut Means Going with Your Gut

Laughing allows us to live in the moment and lead with our intuition. Sure, we always make sure we are making informed decisions based on experience and best practices, but when it comes down to two (or more) hard decisions, you need to trust yourself.

When we feel comfortable in the work place and are enjoying ourselves we are more likely to speak up and to feel more creative. Not to mention that good relationships with colleagues makes collaborating on your new website or Social profiles easy – a serious plus in this line of work.


  1. Humor Raises Spirits in the Workplace

When there has been a bad meeting, or some sort of tension for any kind of reason whether someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or is having other issues outside of work – humor can work wonders.

Instead of crying at work and ice cream binge-eating, we can subtly support each other by sending a smile their way.

Humor relieves stress and builds a sense of support that keeps an office feeling strong, which means that you can put your confidence in us with the knowledge that we won’t get sidetracked by a bad day.


  1. Poking fun at Yourself Keeps Things Light

In an area of work that forces us to consistently evaluate our work, it is important to not take ourselves too seriously or develop a defensive attitude.

You can be sure when you leave a project with us, we will be self-critiquing, group critiquing, and making sure we are producing our best work yet.


  1. General Silliness is Great

Within the office we use a messenger program to share files or ask a quick question.

There’s nothing wrong with sending along a silly emoji or observation to a colleague. Plus it’s fantastic when you suddenly hear someone cackle out loud for no apparent reason.

Sharing between colleagues encourages camaraderie, which allows us all to feel comfortable with each other and makes work somewhere we want to be every day, and somewhere you will want to be too!


  1. Smiles Make You Smile

We believe the act of smiling inspires a brighter outlook. Just because you’re not funny (not everyone can tell a good joke, let’s be honest), doesn’t mean you can’t brighten someone else’ day.


Wanna get caught up in our fun? Stop by, grab yourself a treat from our (FREE) vending machine, and get to know us. There is no reason you can’t enjoy a rebranding, a new website, or growing your audience. Call Y5 today at 778-379-2177 to work with us!

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