5 Reasons Y Non-Tech-Savvy People Should Work with Y5

You’ll find, at Y5, that we are a strong team of creatives with different skill-sets and lots of experience!

As a digital marketing agency, we may have skills or knowledge that you don’t. This may seem daunting; it may feel like you will never understand the digital world that people now live in.

No matter your digital skill level, we are here to help and make sure you feel the marketing backup we provide!


Here are 5 Reasons Why even the non-tech-savvy person should work with Y5:


  1. We Gauge Your Level of Understanding

We understand that you aren’t in our industry, and therefore don’t know all the lingo. In fact, your level of knowledge of digital marketing may rest within the words Google and Facebook. But that’s okay!

That’s what we’re here for, after all!


  1. We Don’t Underestimate You

Just because you don’t know everything we do doesn’t mean your experience isn’t useful to us. We still trust your opinion and your ability to understand.

While we will try to communicate with language you understand, we will also help to elevate your sphere of knowledge regarding the digital world and social media strategy!

We will not just assume you don’t know anything. However, if you do have a question, just ask! We’re friendly!


  1. We Talk in Terms of Goals

Y5 sits down with you and takes the time to learn about your specific goals for your brand and business. From there we help you find the right tools and platforms to reach those goals.

This is where our experience comes in. If you come in looking for a rebrand, and want to reach a different audience (or just expand your current audience) with inbound marketing and content strategy, we can help you do that because we have done it before and we know where to go to engage the right audiences!


  1. We Communicate

We don’t want to leave you in the dark, now! It is imperative to the success of our collaboration that you understand what we are doing and why.

We will not use serious industry lingo and overwhelm you; instead we will relate to your experience and attempt to communicate on a level you feel comfortable with.


  1. We Share

If you think about it, when you speak with someone who speaks the same language as you in a limited capacity, you end up in examples and find other ways to share knowledge.

That’s also what we do! We will share our relevant experience, providing you with valuable insight, examples, and considerations that you may not have factored in to your decisions.



No matter your digital skill level, Y5 is here to help connect you with your marketing goals. Give a call today at 778-379-2177 to work with us!

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