5 Reasons Y Non-Profits Need to Be on Social Media

For all of us, there are some causes that really hit home and are important to us to support.

The world has a lot of problems, and we all wish we could help every non-profit. However, for a lot of us, it is a pick-and-choose kind of circumstance.

If you work for a non-profit, you know how difficult it is to bring in funds on a consistent basis. Generally, people care, but getting them to give is the issue.

Social media has not always been the main focus of not-for-profits in the past as they focus on earners of a different generation that don’t use social media to the same extent as teens and young adults.

That said, there are quite a few reasons social media can be a meaningful place to spend time and energy for non-profits.

Check out these 5 Reasons Why Non-Profits should be using Social Media:


  1. Highlight Your Cause

Creating an audience is one of your first goals when you start posting to social media. Your audience will follow you because they care about your cause, but also because they care about the values that your cause is associated with.

Social media allows non-profits to showcase their cause, but also shed more light on their issue by educating with supplementary information.


  1. Create Awareness

Along with building an audience comes more awareness for your cause. As we mentioned above, a lot of non-profits have focused on print marketing, or printed materials, to educate and reach their target audience.

However, times are changing and while younger generations may not be able to provide the financial support you seek, younger people are socially aware and are in a position to help or influence their parents and grandparents to make important decisions.

As well, certain platforms are ideal for reaching the decision makers to whom philanthropy is important and want to leave legacy donations.

In the meantime, using social media raises brand awareness by educating the public about your charity to make it a household name.


  1. Engage Emotionally

One tactic many charities use to engage their target audience is with story-telling.

The emotional impact of charities is their biggest selling point. Social media provides ample audience to connect with blogs, social posts, video, interviews, pictures, and more that tell a story about what you are trying to accomplish and the obstacles you face.


  1. Connect in Times of Need

Getting the support and ear of the world during times of need is one of the benefits of having such a huge network of people from all over the world in one place – social media allows you to connect communities NOW.


  1. Customer Service

Many people want to become involved in the causes they care about but don’t know how. They have questions, big and small. Many people are flooding to social media to get answers to their questions directly from the source and share that information with their network. Without an active profile, you can’t answer.



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