5 Reasons Y Marketing to Younger Generations is Possible with Social Media: Part II

Younger consumers are becoming more and more of a target audience as they age, begin to have disposable income, and create jobs for themselves in markets that didn’t exist before.

They’re still people, they are not a difference species from us – they just happen to be more tech-savvy intuitively.

So, if they are conducting business different than you, how do you reach them?

With Social Media, of course! Social media still remains the best place to interact with consumers of all ages; what makes the difference is what platform you choose to use and how you use it to increase brand awareness and raise engagement.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Social Media can help you reach younger generations:


  1. Social Media helps build community.

As you build brand legitimacy online, you find that local stores and local people begin following you and engaging with your brand. This sense of community is very important to younger users who like to support local businesses.


  1. Social Media is about aesthetics.

Images are probably the most important factor in influencing the purchasing decisions of Millennials and Gen Z consumers. Low res images, or just unappealing images, take away from brand legitimacy whereas beautiful photographs elevate your product on social media.

After all, the more beautiful an image is one social media, the more likely it will get more engagement and continue to be shared. In an attempt to sell a product or connect with your target audience, it is within your best interests to cultivate as much engagement as possible,


  1. Social Media encourages video.

Online videos are getting more and more engagement on social media these days. If your services are conducive to video, it is definitely a good idea to consider video as medium to showcase your services. If it’s not, then think about video as a way to show brand transparency and engage by letting viewers get to know you and your staff!


  1. Social Media keeps going.

While it can be daunting to think about how quickly posts time out on social media, focus instead on how this model keeps things fresh. This gives you an opportunity to try new things and discover what kind of content works best for you.


  1. Social Media is about connecting.

Connecting with your target demographic, yes, but also with influencers! Younger generations look to social influencers to literally influence their decisions. You can team up with online personalities to promote your product and boost engagement.



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