5 Reasons Y Marketing to Younger Generations is Possible with Social Media: Part I

Younger consumers are becoming more and more of a target audience as they age, begin to have disposable income, and create jobs for themselves in markets that didn’t exist before.

They’re still people, they are not a difference species from us – they just happen to be more tech-savvy intuitively.

So, if they are conducting business different than you, how do you reach them?

With Social Media, of course! Social media still remains the best place to interact with consumers of all ages; what makes the difference is what platform you choose to use and how you use it to increase brand awareness and raise engagement.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Social Media can help you reach younger generations:


  1. Social Media is more than Facebook.

Different social media platforms have different users. Most millennials and Gen Z consumers will visit a business’ social platform before purchasing.

While you may be using Facebook to keep up with old school pals, you need to ask yourself if this is the platform where you are most likely to hit your target audience. If your targets are below the age of 25, chances are it isn’t.

Y5 can help you figure out what platform or platforms will work best for your marketing goals, and we’ll help you develop a strategy to appeal to that demographic.


  1. Social Media is not solely on your shoulders.

One way to increase engagement with younger generations is not social on your side of things at all. Fun signage, neon signs, or in-store imagery can all be shared on social media by those who come to your store.

You can team print marketing up with social media by asking that they use a branded hashtag to receive a special offer or be entered in a draw!


  1. Social Media is social listening.

Young consumers use social platforms to have their voices heard. They are likely to review your business online or give feedback of some kind. This is your opportunity to engage or remedy any mistakes.


  1. Social Media spurs action.

With all of that information you are receiving online about consumers’ experiences in your store, or wish lists in your industry, you have a chance to act and use that information to fill gaps in the market or jump onto a useful trend and appeal your audiences interests.


  1. Social Media is about sharing.

When you receive positive feedback online (and you will because you’re great), share it! People trust other people’s opinions. Showcase your brand ambassadors and their reviews and you will be earning more brand loyalty in no time!



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