5 Reasons Y Inbound Marketing is Worth The Effort

Instead of just promoting your business out in the world all willy-nilly with mass ads and the like and hoping and praying that leads will come back to you through sheer amount of promotion, inbound marketing approaches leads a little differently. Rather than focusing on quantity (which can be an asset as well when done correctly), inbound marketing focuses on quality.

Inbound Marketing targets leads by presenting quality content that naturally aligns a lead with your product.

By introducing your brand as a place where people of similar interests can meet, learn, and interact, you create a brand that is designed to appeal to prospects that easily fit within your target.

Where marketing used to focus solely on generating traffic, we’re now looking at generating the RIGHT traffic. Our ideal leads.


How can we appeal to our ideal leads? Here are 5 Tools you have at your disposal:


  1. Blogs

Blogs are a main source for consumers to get to know you. Your blogs are a chance to earn trust by showing you know what you’re talking about while showcasing your brand and brand personality!

Your content should speak to potential leads by answering their questions and introducing new content that fits within their sphere of interest.


  1. Multiple Platforms

We’re not saying to use all the platforms, but use the ones that can best serve your company. Perhaps Instagram isn’t the right fit for your company but Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn may be. Sometimes your target appear in more than one place, and it would be a shame to lose some by not expending your energy and time as productively as possible.

Scared of trying out other platforms? We all have to start from somewhere. Besides, we know a great place to find educational content on using the different platforms (wink)!


  1. SEO

Prospective clients go online for their information nowadays. When someone starts with a question and a search engine it’s your job to make sure that when this prospect goes looking for answers your brand reaches their eyes. Regardless of whether you have the answers, without optimizing your content for keywords, quality content, and images you are unlikely to reach your audience.


  1. Website

It is absolutely, positively worth it to put your time and energy into creating a beautiful website. An outdated website can turn potential leads off immediately. A well-constructed website can keep visitors there longer, clicking for more information, and can turn them from prospective client into loyal client.


  1. Social Sharing

Sharing relevant content across platforms is what engages your prospects in the end of the day. By publishing your own content, interacting, and spreading the share love you create a community and give your brand legitimacy.


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