5 Reasons Y Getting to Know Your Target Audience is Important

You’ve got social? Great! However having social profiles is just the first step. In order to make the most of your content, you need to know whom you are writing it for.

Knowing who it is you are writing to dictates the tone, the kind of jokes you make, and the amount or level of information you are relaying.

Without having first figured out who your audience is, you will most likely miss your mark. Your audience will either be confused or bored.


Here are 5 Ways to determine who your audience is, so you can begin engaging them:


  • Study

Like any relationship you figure out the basics first: Age, Gender, Location, Level of Study, and Employment.

Certain resources like Facebook and Twitter will allow you access to this sort of basic demographic data.


  • Jump On The Trends

Once you have collected the data, you can look at the more concentrated areas of groups. Women in their 30’s, Doctors, people in rural areas, etc. Identifying these niche groups will help you determine what kind of tone you will be relating your information in.


  • Fill In The Details

Now you know who these people are, make them real. If you know many people in your target audience are doctors in big cities in the US, what schools did they attend? Are they married?

The details will give you a clearer picture of where to find your audience.


  • Find Out What Motivates Them

As in any relationship, we become closer when we begin to ask more personal questions. We begin to figure out what it is our friends want out of life. So ask yourself, what is it your audience wants? What motivates them?


  • Discern What They Need

Coming up close behind figuring out what your prospects want, is figuring out what they need to get there. Once you know this, you will know how to connect with them and can show them how your product or brand aligns with what they want.


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