5 Reasons Y Customer Testimonials Help Your Business

Customer Testimonials can have an extremely positive effect on the way in which a business is perceived by its audience. The introduction of a “third party” disrupts the traditional promotion consumers expect of a business. Instead a consumer is likely to regard this “third party” as more genuine, and thus more influential.

Good Testimonials have the power to draw more leads to your business than without.


What are Good Testimonials?

Good Testimonials focus on the advantages your brand or product have for the prospect. Moreover, a good Testimonial will align its praise to your own brand’s assertions.

It is also more likely that a review will be received will if it is well-written – at least written clearly and without huge grammatical errors that make the writer appear unreliable or inconsistent.


What forms do Testimonials come in?

  • Written
  • Video
  • Online Review
  • Social Media Comment


How Do Testimonials Help Your Business?

1. Authenticity

While you should definitely ask customers who are satisfied with the services they received for Testimonials, you should never offer compensation for them. The idea of the Testimonial is that it provides legitimacy and authenticity to your brand. The authenticity of reviews is often what leads Prospects to a business.


2. Increase Interaction

As we mentioned, reviews should not be compensated for. However, you can use Social Media to create more buzz around your brand by creating contests or trends (asking for videos or pictures of people interacting with your product, etc.).

The more interaction with your brand the better.


3. Get More Views

Consumers love video. Video tends to retain a consumer’s attention longer than a post full of content.

Asking an a trusted and happy client to film a video for you that can be put up on your site or shared on Social Media can greatly increase the amount of people who become acquainted with your brand.


4. Control Your Image

Even though you may not have control over what past clients write about you online, and it’s possible you may get bad reviews, there will always be good ones. You can use those good Testimonials to your advantage by sharing them on Social Media and posting them to your website.


5. Align Yourself With The Cool Kids

One way you can make your brand appear more desired is by reaching out to Influencers. If they have used your product, ask for a short review.

If you’re lucky enough to have your product featured anywhere online, in print, on film, or in a song, always take advantage of the good publicity. It pays.


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