When it comes to your Social game as a business and brand, it is so important to be consistent and foster engagement daily.

One of the most imperative aspects of Social Media may not be what you would expect – curating content.

As a business, you may be thinking: “Why should I post other peoples’ content when I’m trying to promote myself?”

Well, here are 5 Reasons Y to start with…


  1. Curated Content demonstrates your commitment to your audience.

Your audience has other interests outside of your business. The good news is that many of those other interests often relate to your industry. Curating content doesn’t mean you need to share every cat video that surfaces, it means sharing relevant content.

Sharing relevant content shows that you understand your audience’s needs and interests. It also shows that you are committed to learning about your industry and staying up-to-date on the latest news. Everyone wants to work with that person – you know, the one who is always looking to improve.


  1. Curated Content provides support.

There will always be some service or piece of information you don’t have. When you share relevant content pertaining to your industry, you are also providing a platform for your current and possible clients to learn more and realize why they need your services.

When they see that you know where the good information is, they trust you to provide them with what they need.


  1. Curated Content catches the attention of influencers and builds relationships.

When you share relevant content, it is always good practice to give attribution. Moreover, if your review of that content is positive (since you’re sharing it likely is), then whoever is credited as the source of that post will most likely respond.

From likes to shares, to the beginning of fruitful relationships, catching the attention of the right people can start with curating content.


  1. Curated Content shows you don’t only care about yourself.

No one likes to be over-sold to. It comes off as needy, not to mention uninspired. Generally brands that focus on themselves on Social Media will not be successful. This is because the nature of Social Media is to be Social – and who wants to be in a one-sided conversation?

If you find yourself with the time to create only a few posts solely about your own products, you’re not doing your business any favors and you should probably be seeking help.


  1. Curated Content starts conversations.

Curating content can also have the purpose of starting a conversation. Starting conversations on Social is the first step forward to fostering relationships with prospects and advantageous connections.


As a digital Marketing Agency, we at Y5 make the time to forge the engagement you need to thrive as a brand. If you need help with Social Media call us at 778-379-2177 to talk about what Teamplay can do for you!


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