The world of content marketing is always changing. With that in mind, the way to stay ahead of the game is to consider and predict how content marketing will be changing.

To ensure that your company is getting the traffic it needs to continue to grow, it is imperative to adapt along with new strategies, new technologies, and new audiences.

Luckily for you, it’s only the start of 2016, and we have a few predictions and insights for you to consider.


5 Reasons Y Content Marketing Will Change in 2016

1. Specialized Staff

The social media platform has become a free-for-all battle arena. Asking a marketer to simply jump into the center of the content battle will not be a fair fight. Editorial writing, videography, editing, and strategy have all become specialized skills today and companies looking to perform and win on all fronts understand that hiring teams of players with specific skills is the only way to succeed in this environment. 2016 will see more companies hiring full-time editorial staff (like we did).

2. Demand for More Visuals

While more people have constant access to the internet, faster connections, and an all-together greater ability to connect to content, audiences are demanding faster forms of interacting. The desire for more instant approaches of communication through images and video are increasing the need for visual content in 2016. Content marketing companies will need team members who quickly and effectively create such content.

3. Content Outside of Marketing

Content is a powerful tool that promotes company culture, aids in recruiting, and just as strongly supports the sales process. Building centralized content for modern companies is the fastest way to effectively serve all areas of a business, which augments the effectiveness of operation and boosts brands.

4. Technology Evolves

Google has evolved to the point that answers are provided to common questions in an instant, disrupting the need for the content below in the search engine. Other digital assistants such as Siri do the same by providing answers without the need to search or click any websites. These sophisticated new forms of question and answer searching reduces organic traffic to websites that previously provided similar fast information. This change in technology will force marketers to find niche content in more complex subject matter.

5. Traditional Content Strategy Questions

In today’s world, content marketing has mostly been focused on creating traffic through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Common practice is to purchase traffic through these platforms focusing on propelling traffic toward native advertising through promotion and good content. That said, many social media platforms are offering new publishing alternatives.

Facebook found that articles merely being shared were getting more views than native publishing sites, so they created Instant Articles and have been joined by other platforms such as Google. This means we will be seeing this kind of instant content spreading thus creating urgency for consistent interaction and response.


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