5 Reasons Y: Communicating with a Designer is Easier and Harder Than You Think

At Y5 it is our goal to work with you and to represent you to the best of our ability as we create your branding, and design your website or logo. To make the transition from your imagination to screen, we need to communicate with each other. When we are on the same page, when we both understand your vision then really magical work can take place.

So how do you communicate an image in your head? We’re the designers, we should know, right?

We will do our best to understand what you’re throwing down – we have an in-depth interview-style conversation, and we’ll get to know your inspirations.

That all said, there are a few things you can do to better communicate with us. We aren’t asking you to become an expert, but if there is anything on this list that doesn’t appear too overwhelming for you, you might find that it’s of some help to reach your digital marketing goals.

5 Tips on communicating with a designer:


  1. Increase Your Vocabulary

Learning a few new words can be hugely beneficial in communicating what you’re picturing. For instance, you might say you want something with “Punch!”, but if instead you could tell us about colour palettes you find “punchy”, or certain typefaces you’re drawn to, a graphic designer may have a better idea of where to add that “Punch!” to truly make that design a knockout.


  1. There Are No Silly Questions

We know that not everyone is an expert in the field, so we encourage you to ask questions! Don’t be embarrassed, don’t worry that it’s a silly question. There are none.


  1. Be Clear

If you have specific expectations for deadlines or projects in general, we need to know. Some projects will take longer than others – no two websites we design are exactly alike, just as the solutions we provide you are custom.

Maintaining realistic expectations means we need to communicate with each other.


  1. Let us Be Creative

When collaborating, we love getting as much information from you as possible to better understand your expectations, goals, and brand personality.

You may have an exact vision, and we will do our best to use it, or integrate it, but you are also getting our creativity along with our skill. So trust that we will combine the best of all ideas to generate engagement for your brand.


  1. Give us Feedback

We’re not mind readers, but we are great at what we do. Regardless, your feedback and input are so valuable to us.

If you like something we did, tell us! If something is missing from our work, also tell us. We only aim to please. Well, more than please – we want to WOW!

Help us WOW you!



To work with Y5 and to get started on a branding journey that is both collaborative and fun, get in touch at 778-379-2177.

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