Choosing the right typeface is not a simple endeavor.  It’s not simply a matter of “Oh, that one looks good. Let’s use that one.”

No. Typography is an art that takes a lot of thought. Choose the wrong typeface and everything else you did right will be overshadowed. Why? Type choice has a greater impact on user experience than you may realize.

Before you settle on your Typography, here are 5 Questions to ask yourself:


  1. What Colour is Your Text?

Legibility is the biggest factor when it comes to user experience. The contrast between the color you choose for you text and the background can either enhance the readability or significantly hinder users’ ability to interact with your creation.

Many users suffer from poor vision, color blindness, or various other sight handicaps. Even if you think it looks great, you need to get objective about it and take others into account.


  1. Are You Going Too Big?

Similar to other issues of legibility regarding colour, is sizing. Typography that is too small is difficult to read, and too large feels tedious to read.

However, because we often don’t introduce a main body of text without any heading or title, or sub-headings, it is a good idea to plan in advance how many different headings and subheadings you will be incorporating. Planning in advance allows you to decide how big your main text needs to be and how much bigger headings, etc., need to be to in relation to their importance.


  1. Are You Communicating Well?

Legibility is still our main goal; however typography also serves a purpose of communicating style and should mirror the voice of your overall text.

Think of your site’s character. Really think about it. For instance, when you see academic sites, they are generally in a type like Times New Roman, or something similar. For a more playful site, a more playful typeface. Get it?


  1. Are You Being Consistent?

When you do take the time to decide on the right typeface that both is legible and matches your website, you need to re-check everything.

Consistency is key to being perceived as trustworthy by audiences. Are your headings the same size? Are captions all formatted the same way?

Check and then double check.


  1. Are You Designing for Mobile, Too?

Just as you want to make sure that users with different sight requirements can read your typeface, you should also consider users on difference devices and their needs.

While size is definitely a factor to consider, there are also changes in formatting from device to device. Just something to consider before deciding you’re done.


If you are considering upgrading your website, Y5 understands the importance of designing a beautifully branded website, typography and all. Call 778-379-2177 to learn about what we can do for you.


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