5 Reasons Y Animation Improves User Experience

One huge reason we need Animations is that they are tool to help us communicate. Animations allow us to give information, instruct behavior, or inform users as to the results of their actions.

For most users who know little about web design, they rarely realize animation is actually being used. However, with the simplest of actions, such as scrolling or closing a tab, we are actually using basic animation.

Why do we need this basic animation? You’d be fine without it, right? Well, it’s actually quite disconcerting when a tab is just gone.

The first time I reduced the motion on my iPhone I felt this weird sense that I was missing a step because I didn’t get to see the app reduce. However, again, reducing motion is still using basic animation; there is still an indication that an action has been performed as opposed to simply finding yourself on a different screen.


Here are 5 Reasons Y Animation Improves User Experience:


  1. Keep Users Entertained

Loading is going to happen. Loading time will vary depending on what is being loaded (consider the difference between a video and plain text).

Users don’t like loading time. One way to distract or entertain while a new page is loading is with animation. Animation continues to engage while nothing is happening for the user instead of boredom which encourages user to leave the site.


  1. Inform Users

Instead of having every single piece of information all cluttered on one page, we like to incorporate click-to-reveal or hover-to-reveal icons (be careful though, hover is not an option for mobile).


  1. Reduce Confusion

A simple task like scrolling means incorporating simple animation. Without this design the user will become confused. The lack of transition from one area to another without scroll is actually very disconcerting.

You need animation to show the user that they’ve triggered an action and they’re not just on a new page.


  1. Create a Usable Experience

There are so many ways we incorporate Animation on Websites. For instance, drop down menus. These sorts of small animations that don’t draw too much attention away from the action the user is already performing are often the most successful.


  1. Let The User Feel In Control

We all like feeling like we have a say in what is happening. I’m sure we can all think of a time we were on a web page and there was really slow loading, so we kept clicking “Next Page” over and over again, until finally the webpage jumps 7 pages! Now you have to get back, but it happens again and you end up back at Google.

Allowing for a little loading time and allowing the user to see the result of their actions helps them calm and gives them reason to wait.



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