5 Reasons Y a Professional Logo Designer Is What You Need

Isn’t a logo just a picture for consumers to associate with your products?

No, a logo is so much more than that!

A logo is the representation of your branding – it is a pitch to your target audience before you’re even in the room.

With so much depending on one “picture”, don’t you want to know what a professional can do to create a logo that you can depend on?

So why do you need a professionally designed logo?


1. Original Design

Down to the details, a professional graphic designer, like ours, makes sure every element of your logo is designed just for you.

Y5 takes you through a whole “discovery” where we learn exactly who you brand personality is as well as your dreams and best qualities as a business – then we turn all that into a logo.


2. Relevant Design

A strong logo is also relevant to you. You’ll find a lot of logos within the same industry look alike. While there are certainly elements that relate to those industries, there are always other ways of portraying those qualities.

That said, your logo should also align with what it is you do.


3. Memorable Design

The qualities that make your brand unique should be represented in your logo – we’re not talking about throwing a unicorn-dancing-on-a-boat-while-eating-a-hotdog present, mind you. Busy is no good.

Memorable design is about subtlety and strength of design. An experienced logo designer can incorporate strong ideation into an image that wll stay with your target audience and increase brand awareness.


4. Functional Design

Since your logo will be memorable (as you’re having it professionally designed by Y5, of course), we hope that you will be using it in a variety of ways on different mediums for different purposes.

Therefore, that thought needs to be considered with graphic design as well.


5. Lasting Design

A logo that can be used in many different ways, on print or on digital media, that portrays what your brand is about, and is truly special is what Y5 strives to create every time we set out to brand a new client.

We want it to last; we want your logo to work for you.



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