5 Reasons People Need to Know How Great You Are

Whether you own a business, or you want to take the initiative to pitch a Social Media budget to your boss, know that it’s worth it. Want to know why?

Social Media is about People. Not just you people, but your customer and potential customer people. It’s about meeting people and encouraging relationships. These people WANT to know you and your business! Why wouldn’t they? You’re great!

Don’t believe us?


Here are 5 more Reasons:


  1. People Should Know You

The fantastic thing about Social Media is that you have the opportunity to talk to your audience on the daily. Generally, your loyal customers or potential clients don’t just stop in every other day to say “Hi!”.

(Not that we don’t love visitors – stop in at Y5 any time to get to know us and our services!)

The point is, though, that without superpowers we can’t be everywhere at once making sure every one of our targets knows about us. However, we can be on Social Media, increasing our brand awareness and loyalty by letting audiences know that we are committed to the relationship!


  1. People Should Know What You’re Up To

If you’re having a promotion, a sale, or have new inventory in, your customers want to know! Potential customers want to know too (even if they don’t know it yet).

One way we can make sure our audiences know what’s going on with our brand is with consistent updates online, as well as target ads with real-time results.

If you believe in your services or product, then you should also believe that if you give your audience an opportunity to support your product, they will.


  1. People Should Know You Care

Social Media has other uses besides keeping audiences up-to-date, such as allowing users to provide important feedback. Testimonials, questions, and constructive criticism are all examples of ways online users may interact with you.

Quickly, and with care you can respond. If there has been a problem, you can address is as soon as possible. If there is praise, you can promote it.

You wouldn’t want to do all the talking, would you?


  1. People Should See What You’re About

Social Media is a fantastic arena to drive traffic towards your website. While on Social you can provide rich content, your website is where people can learn all of that facts.


  1. People Should Know You Know Best

It may be a bit sneaky, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.  Checking out the competition is just the name of the game.

Social Media lets you see what the other guys are up to, their promotions and sales, and compete (politely). The fact is, without know what was already out there, we have no standard.

We need to know whether the product or service we are supplying is up to par, less than, or better. And if it’s anything less than better, we need to know so we can do better and provide our audience with the best possible care.

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