5 Reason Y You Should Hire A Branding Agency

5 Reason Y You Should Hire a Branding Agency

5 Reason Y You Should Hire A Branding Agency

5 Reason Y You Should Hire a Branding Agency

Y5 provides many different digital marketing services for business of difference sizes and ages.

Branding is one of the services we provide – whether you need a pivot or are starting anew, we know how to help you create a personality and gather the necessary tools to situate yourself as a strong voice in your industry.

Here are 5 Reasons Why you should hire a branding agency (like Y5):

1 Staffing

If you hire someone in house to handle all your marketing needs, it’s pretty hard to control the image of your business consistently. One of the main factors is staff turnover.

Training an employee, allowing them to take the wheel and develop a voice and strategy for your brand, all takes time. And then that person leaves for another position at some point. Training someone new takes time and disrupts brand messaging and brand consistency; which makes your business seem less legitimate.

A lot of details slip through the cracks when responsibilities get handed off from one employee to another.

2 Time

As we mentioned above, training an employee takes time. It also takes lots of time for one person to handle all branding needs of a company. Details get forgotten, social media posts are missed, strategies and ideas are not well thought-out because there isn’t a team to bounce ideas off. See where we’re going with this?

An outsourced marketing team will know your brand well, and has the time management skills and man power to cover daily tasks and problem solving with care.

3 Skill Set

Digital marketing agencies like ours have it all: web developers, graphic designers, copy writers, and social media specialists. We also all come from different backgrounds that allow us insight into each other’s work and can give strong feedback from different points of view.

You could try to hire someone in-house with all our combined abilities, but chances are slim.

4 Saving Time + Staff = Saving Money

You can pay people in-house to handle blogging, e-blasts, social media, web design, website updates, etc., and your staff will do their best. However, time is money. Hiring one person to do it all results in burn-out, and adding different tasks onto many employees in-house means your staff may be spending too much time of tasks that are not within their wheel house – which means you’re wasting money while they try in vain to reach the results we already know how to provide.

5 Collaboration

It’s hard to know when you’ve gotten it right or wrong as a one-man army. It’s easy to get lost in the details and get too close to a project to not see when you’ve missed the mark or even something as tiny as a typo.

Think of us as your army, ready to back you up whenever you need it, ready at any time to head into battle and reach your target audience with ease.

Get in touch with Y5 at 778-379-2177 to talk about how we can help you reach your marketing goals!

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