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5 Reason Y Curating Content is a Good Idea

Sharing content on Social Media is an enormous part of creating an online presence. Perhaps the biggest part of it, actually.

Combined with sharing content is consistency. If you only post once every 4 months, you have little chance of creating an impact and promoting your brand effectively.

Creating content on a regular basis is important, however, sharing meaningful and useful content is even more important. While we love creating content ourselves, the creative process only allows for so much as well as so much time in the day.


Here are 5 Reasons Y Curating Content is a practice you should consider:


  • Add to The Conversation

One way to use Content that isn’t your own is through making it your own. Being completely original may not always be your motivation. Finding useful and interesting content and giving the addition of your opinion and invoking your community to comment can be useful way of curating that adds to the conversation instead of trying to start a new one.


  • Share News

It is important to stay active on Social Media and show you are up-to-date. At times creating wholly new content on the go just to show you know what’s going on isn’t worth it. In this case, curating from another source that has already produced good, informative content that your followers and community at large will find useful is a good strategy.


  • Lighten the Mood

At times you may come across a post that is worthwhile but not something that falls within your domain to write about. Curate it and share! Your community will appreciate your sharing a topic within their interest sphere.


  • Time Efficiency

It’s a simple practice: You can produce more by curating. You can save time in the future by curating Evergreen Content to load up and pre-schedule, knowing your social is handled for those days when there is just a lot going on.


  • Value Your Community

Assuming you are attributing the content you share to its proper creator, you nurture relationships online by re-posting. Online relationships are built on mutual support. When you share content by a follower or a peer within your community they will appreciate it. Hopefully they will do the same back! What goes around comes around!


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