5 Reason Y Being Social at Work Matters

We think that if we practice work like Social Media than great things can happen.


Here are 5 Reasons Y getting to know your co-workers is like Social Media:


  1. Invest Time

In Social Media, we invest time in getting to know our audience and community. This way we know how we can help them and how they can help us.

Same deal in the office. Invest the time in getting to know the rich network of social capital in your office. Utilize the skills you have at your disposal. If you’re having an issue, it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. The people around you may have the answers if you get to know them enough to know who to ask.


  1. Collectively You’re Smarter

Well, perhaps not always. The internet can bring out the worst or the mediocre in people. However, when the internet comes together to support something important, it does. Think the #LoveWins Hashtag.

As the saying goes: “Two heads are better than one.” Not only are the ideas of many more fruitful than yours alone, but also as a whole a group of great people can come together to support something great (like an ambitious new project).


  1. Speak Freely

Social Media can often be place where people go to discuss all sorts of contrasting ideas. It’s social. As often as possible the conversation is meant to be constructive. Constructive dialogue across the word has the power to change things and reach people.

In the office, you need a high level of trust to feel the freedom to disagree. When an environment is that trusting, the best ideas emerge.


  1. Get Back on Track

We follow all sorts of different people on Social Media. While we scroll through our feeds, so many time the answer to what we’ve been thinking about is there; even if the content wasn’t even related.

When a block emerges at work, sometimes you need to stop thinking about it for a moment. Get up to make a coffee, and Hey! You’re co-worker is making coffee too! Chatting about whatever can just suddenly loosen your mind to let that one word you couldn’t remember pop up.


  1. Be Social

Social Media is a big part of how we do business. Businesses find services they need from other businesses. Really it just makes connecting easier.

Connecting is what’s important here. We spend more time at work throughout the week than we do with our friends and family, so to speak. Luckily for you, the people you work with are fun, smart, kind people. Get to know them. Feel comfortable enough to share a laugh. We should all be luckily enough to be happy to see the people we work with every day.


At Y5, we consider ourselves super lucky to work with such a wonderful team of talented people (who all have a great sense of humor). We also know we work better as a team!

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