5 Reason Y Animals are Better at Social Media Than You

Animals seem to rule the internet these days. You open Facebook and there’s a kitten mid-yawn, a puppy rolling down a hill.

The kitten’s little tongue and the puppy’s joyful slobbering are just so cute that you like the photo (along with 1600 other people) and tag a friend in the comments.

And, as you monitor your posts your posts, you can’t quite put aside the question of why your useful content did not get remotely as much interaction as a slobbering, furry animal.


Here are 5 Reason Why Animals are better at Social Media than you:


  1. Animals Playing Human is Hilarious

Jokes aside, your favourite fuzzy animal profiles listen to their audiences. You want more dogs pretending to eat burgers? You got it.

The point is that these profile pay attention to what is getting the most attention. The direction of your profile may not be what you expected if you listen, but listening and determining what resonates most with audiences will get you everywhere.


  1. Animals Know Who They Are

Grumpy Cat is one of the most famous animals on this planet right now. Her displeased furry face is plastered on mugs in H&M proclaiming “I Hate Mornings” and on T-Shirts printed with the words “I Hate Everyone”.

Grumpy cat would never have been so successful if her parents hadn’t embraced her curmudgeonly appearance. The truth is she taps in to the grump in all of us. And it’s adorable.

Knowing who you are as a brand is everything. Don’t try to be another brand just because that other brand is successful. Your branding will resonate with the right audiences if you give them a chance.


  1. Animals Play

Not just with toys, but with medium as well. Animal profiles make use of video, pictures, different apps, trends, and objects.

Nothing is off limits. There is no reason a cat can’t wear sunglasses, or a pig shouldn’t be filmed sauntering through a field of flowers.

Follow their lead and play. Have fun with video, don’t be afraid of jumping on trends and celebrations.


  1. Animals Aren’t Afraid of Being Heard

They bark and meow, and thunder down the hallway. Their videos and pictures are shared generously. Never do they take down a picture because their neck rolls are unflattering, or their fur coat doesn’t look as shiny as it could.

Don’t be afraid of good press. We are our own worse critics, after all.


  1. Animals Have No Shame

Doug the Pug doesn’t care is you see his pot-bellied Pug body in his robe. He doesn’t feel shame when you see him home alone with a glass of wine and a box of pizza on a Friday night. He shares because he knows you’ll love it.

So grab your sense of humor and have some fun! Social Media is about sharing, and being thoughtful.

It’s like they say – you can tell when it’s made with love.


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