5 Reason Y a Good Website Matters

Well, you already have a website, right? And what’s the problem with it? It works just fine! Your sister-in-law’s son who’s in school for design created it for you just 10 years ago!

Did you know that you’re doing yourself a disservice by presenting potential customers who happen across your site with an outdated website?

If it’s time for you to upgrade and re-brand, we can help!

Here are 5 Reasons Why a Website can change up your game!

  1. Looks Matter

Let’s start with the surface. We know it’s vain, but it’s true – when it comes to websites, looks do matter.

If your design is not cohesive, your images are lo-res, and branding isn’t obvious in every detail, then the viewer will find it difficult to see you as a legitimate and reliable source to go to for services.

On the other hand, if your site is visually appealing, takes advantage of colour, fonts, aesthetically appealing images, and strong design, then your viewer will likely stay longer to look around and will want to work with you.

  1. Provide Answers

We all have our strengths. Writing may not be one of yours. It is, however, one of ours.

We know how to write for different target audiences, as well as how to integrate content marketing best practices that increase legibility and engagement – so that your viewers don’t lose focus before they get to what they’re looking for!

  1. User Friendly

Regarding your website, you need to consider how websites are used now. Where do internet users go to find the information they are looking for? This is a huge reason behind why we design user friendly websites, as well as design for mobile.

Another part of developing a useful site is a site that can be found. That means incorporating keywords into content, and making the most of social platforms to lead your audience to you.

  1. Branding

Branding is a major factor in how you are perceived as well as in whether you will appeal to your ideal target market.

If you’re selling fashion but your website looks outdated, anyone visiting your site will carry that perception with them and superimpose it onto your products – not what you want!

At Y5, our team has the skills to provide beautiful websites, images, and content that match how you want to be viewed by your customers. We generate customer loyalty by giving you the tools to be legitimate and regarded as a influencer within your industry.

  1. Results At-The-Ready

Another service we can provide is analytics. Websites require updates, new content, and effort to drive social engagement your way often with inbound marketing.

We can keep track of results to show you that pivoting was a good idea.



In need of a change? Y5 Creative knows how to take what you have and give it life, while respecting your hard work and vision for a successful business. Let us help you improve your digital marketing strategy in 2017! Call Y5 today at 778-379-2177.

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