5 Pieces of Advice to Get Through the Digital Marketing Day

Sitting in front of a computer all day is no easy task – even if it’s what you love doing. Creative professionals can have it even tougher sometimes. Our imaginations and energy can lead us off track if not patrolled.

At Y5 we want our clients to trust us and in return we live up to that trust and go above and beyond what we’ve been tasked.

In order to provide beautiful, thoughtful, branded work we have a few tips for those out there like us who are looking to keep a productive mind all day long!


  1. Stay Hydrated

You’ve heard it before but that’s only because it’s tried and true. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. Our bodies need it to keep our minds sharp. On that note, don’t forget the caffeine.


  1. Use Your Body’s Restlessness For Good

As creatives sometimes we hit a block. We get restless in the imagination and in body. What we do know is that sometimes the idea comes when we’re doing mindless things (like making coffee).

Don’t do it every 15 minutes, but when by 3PM your knees are jumping and your looking aimlessly around the office it may be time to refresh and regroup. Get up and take a stretch, smile, and you’ll find that you’re ready to go again. That energy that was telling you “now is a good time for a run” can be channeled into productivity for another two hours.


  1. Beware of Repetitive Actions

Whether writing or designing, there are times we hear a phrase or see something and it sticks with us… all day long.

It’s so important to continue to shake things up. Try to give it a day or two before you publish anything. You’ll see if you’ve been repeating the same old thing.

Just because you know that turn of phrase always gets a chuckle, doesn’t mean you should be using it every time. Even if it’s so good it always feels like the first time.


  1. Remember Your Audience Likes You

You’ve worked hard to get to know your audience. They want to hear from you and interact with you. Don’t get shy.

Try new things out. Even if you’re not sure your audience will find it funny because it’s soooo zany. Maybe they’ll love it though. Maybe it’ll flop. Get a second opinion to be sure before you send it out, but never give up.


  1. Relish The Unexpected

In this business, adapt and continue forward. Things go wrong; problems need to be solved. It keeps us busy, but it also keeps us creative. Embrace it and use the momentum of problem solving to your advantage to find new things to say and try out.



At Y5 we make the most out of every day. Regardless of how a day starts out, it is up to us to decide how to finish it. That’s why we pay attention to our habits.

Give us a call a 778-379-2177 and use our creativity to  your advantage! Let’s talk about TeamPlay!

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