5 Deaths in the Family

While death is an awful reality of life, we are full believers of focusing on the good. Like all of the possibilities and beautiful connections that can be accomplished through a life.

The world was struck with a couple not-so-good weeks this January. We lost 5 beloved people. David Bowie (singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, painter, and actor), Alan Rickman (Actor), René Angélil (Singer, Manger), Dan Haggerty (Actor from Grizzly Adams), and C. D. Wright (American Poet, Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets). All far too young. 4 of which died of cancer.

We did not know any of these people personally, but their creativity is something to be valued and certainly something we, at Y5 Creative, hold close to our hearts.

Y Do the Deaths of 5 People Matter to Us So Much?

While something certainly feels amiss in the world, something good must be focused on here. One cool thing about being a celebrity (of any kind) is the reach of your voice. So too in death.

The world seems to have organized after the passings of these amazing people by creating dedication art, sending out their condolences, and sharing meaningful memories.

If anything, the impact the 5 artists above were able to achieve and inspire in other is heartening. We can create things that matter, we can be kind to each other, and we can strive to do and be better.

Do you have any favourite memories of any of these great artists? Please share them with us!

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